Warface Guide, Hints and Tricks

WarfaceA few weeks ago Warface was officially released. It is the new Free2Play tactic shooter from Crytec. The special feature of Warface is that you can play without any software installation, the whole game runs in the browser. It’s just a small plugin for the browser required. When you start Warface the first time the associated data will be loaded automatically. Though it takes a while, the graphic splendor offered is very good, there is nothing to complain. I was honestly quite surprised how good the graphics of Warface is even though everything is running only in the browser. Warface If you do not know Warface yet, you have to try it, it`s realy worth it.

Here are my tips and tricks for Warface:

  • At the beginning of the game you start with the tutorial first to learn the Warface control. Acquaint yourself with the basic elements of Warface unhurriedly because later in the battle you have to know the keyboard shortcuts.
  • With ESC you can open the option menu and adjust unhurriedly the image settings to your system. You can experiment with the graphics a bit, but makes sure that the game is still running absolutely smoothly. When it comes to annoying stuttering during a combat you lose valuable time and have less chances against your opponents. Likewise you should adjust the mouse speed to your needs.
  • In the option menu you can also adjust all key assignments. This is useful when you control the key assignments from another game and you do not want to get used to another key assignments. Look at the key shortcuts in the menu carefully, because a lot of the control options are not mentioned in the tutorial. For example, the sliding with F when you are sprinting, or the lying down with X. If you have problems to remember all the keys you write a little cheat slip that you have with you during playing.
  • You have a primary weapon (key 1) and also a secondary weapon (key 2), and a melee weapon (key 3). On key 4 you have the grenades and with key 5 you control the special weapon. You can also scroll through the weapons with the mouse wheel.
  • With the left mouse button you can shoot and with the right mouse button you can change to the target mode and back. In the target mode you can hit your opponent a lot better, but in exchange you have only a limited field of vision and you move very slow.
  • The weapons can be upgraded with better equipment. For this purpose you have to press the C button and then select the desired part.
  • At the moment there are four classes in Warface that you can play: the soldiers, the medic, the engineer and the sniper. The soldier and the sniper are unlocked from the beginning. The medic and the engineer are unlocked with increasing rank.
  • Acquaint yourself with the classes and their abilities. The soldier or sniper are very effective at medium distance and can restock the munitions of their comrades. The sniper is extremely effective at long distances. The medic can restore the life energy of the troop and reanimate the fallen allies. With the shotgun the medic is more effective at shorter distances. The engineer can repair the armor of the teammates and also lay claymore mines. He is also an expert in explosives and can deposit and deactivate them quickly. With his machine gun he is effectively on mid and short distance.
  • If you’re in the main menu you can start the tutorial once again by calling the Help menu and clicking on the training tab. There you can find the entry “basic training”.
  • Some equipment you only be used for a limited time. This also applies for some items from the shop. Always pay attention if a piece of equipment expires and look for a replacement before the item can no longer be used.
  • The items from the shop can be compared with each other by clicking on an object and then point with the mouse to another object.
  • In Warface you have three currencies with which you can buy your items: Warface dollars, Crowns and credits. Warface dollars you get for each match played, Crowns for playing PvE missions and credits must be purchased with real money.
  • Before you start a game you have to make all settings in the lobby. The class must be selected and also a dealer for weapons,facilities and equipment has to be selected. You play then an item free in the selected category. If you already have gathered points a bar appears under the item indicating the progress of activation.
  • Basically you have the choice between a cooperative play with up to 5 teammates and a competition. In the cooperative play you compete against computer opponents, in a competition against real players. As a beginner you should first gather sufficient experience in cooperative game before you play against other players.
  • In the game against other players there are different channels depending on the skill of the players.Very good players can not enter the channels for beginners and vice versa.
  • There are 3 mission that you can receive per day. A mission costs money and must be done within 24 hours. After the completion of a mission you get a reward. Only one mission can be active. The missions are divided into different degrees of difficulty and the missions more difficult promise a higher reward.
  • Besides the missions you can also earn badges and stripes. As a matter of fact it´s like the achievements you know from other games.
  • In a PvP match you can always change class, in a cooperative game not. So you decide before you start a cooperative game which class your unit completes best . It´s no good if all players start with snipers in a mission and no medic is available.
  • Your equipment gets damage in every mission, except the standard equipment.Therefore, you can only use some equipment for certain classes. You can repair your damaged equipment by paying money. So always keep a bit more money for the repairs.


  1. Comment by John:

    very informative post. I do have 1 question: how do you see a keyboard layout? Finding out what keys to push while you’re dying isn’t fun. lol

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