Ready Steady Bang Guide, Hints and Tricks (Android, iOS)

Ready Steady BangSometimes the small and simple games are the games that spread like wildfire and deliver the greatest fun to the players. One such game is Ready Steady Bang. The game has a very minimalistic design: On a white background, two cowboys facing each other and waiting for the beginning of the duel. The controls are incredibly easy because you only have to tap anywhere on the screen just at the right moment to shoot. In addition to the single player mode, there is also a game mode for two players on one device. Ready Steady Bang is just a small app with 13 MB and is free to download. Try it out if you do not know it and calls your friends to a duel 🙂

I have played Ready Steady Bang for quite some time and here are a few hints and tricks for you:

  • If a duel starts you have to focus on the bang icon on the screen and also on the sound. That’s why you should play with the sound turned on.
  • It’s best to play in a quiet environment or putting earphones on when it’s too loud around you.
  • Keep your fingers just millimeters above the display. Here, a steady hand and some practice is required. Try to not tap the display to early because you have only one bullet and you will not hit your target if you shoot too early.
  • Take two fingers to hover over your display. One finger from each hand. If you hear the BANG you can touch the screen with both fingers. This will save you a few milliseconds because sometimes you are faster with the hand you never had thought.
  • If the Ready appears you can still tab very softly on the screen without shooting to early. If you do so you have a better sense of how far you are away from the display. Before you hear the Bang you have to remove the finger from the display to be ready for the shoot.

You can get better by concentration and practice. If you are practicing a long time you will improve your results.

There are no real cheats for Ready Steady Bang and if you should find some in the internet be extremely careful. Always remember that many cheat codes are only used to distribute malicious software. Better play fair, and don’t take the risk.

Also take a look at the Ready Steady Bang homepage if you want.

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