Hunter Island: Where to find rare Arkadions

Hunter IslandHunter Island for the iOS platform ist one of my favourite games for the last few weeks. I like the story of hunter island but even more I am motivated to find new and rare arkadions. But some arkadions are very rare and only obtainable in one spot in the big world of Hunter Island. That’s why I have built a small table with some very cool and very rare arkadions and the locations where they can be found.

Here is the list of some Rare Hunter Island Arkadions:

ArkadionNameStarsMax. EvolutionLocation
74Stegy3Stegotops (8)Found in Karad Cave north-east of Earun
89Dullakid2,5Dullakhan (7,5)4 steps west of Finam (direcl line)
95Seabite3Searex (8)Two steps north of Heorot
116Miniceros3Gigaceros (7)In the forest southwest of Earun (East, East, South, Southwest)
136Levi3,5Leviathan (8,5)South-west of Finam (West, West, South)
138Sizzler3,5Pyroviper (8,5)One step north of Azid Ziggurat (South of Lassandal)
140Tinder3Fireheart (8)Found in Karad Cave north-east of Earun
143Halocat4Halopard (7,5)Three steps north of Ergan (6 Fields)
151Nilo4Nilox (8,5)Two steps east of Tarkan (4 Fields)
235Lavaraptor4Vulcaraptor (8,5)Two steps east of Finam (4 Fields)

The list is far from being complete but if you want to help you can post some more rare arkadions you found in the comments below the article.

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