Hearthstone: How to get a 15/15 creature in turn 4

HearthstoneThere are some nice combos in Hearthstone which can totally overrun your opponent. One of this combos is a combination of some creatures with Divine Shield and the Blood Knight. You have to be a bit lucky to get all cards you need for the combo at the beginning, but if you have the luck your opponent will have a big problem.

How to get a 15/15 creature in round 4:

Round 1: Play a cheap 1 mana creature.
Round 2: Play a Argent Protector and give your first creature a divine shield.
Round 3: Play a Argent Squire and 2x Hand of Protection to give two additional Divine Protections.
Round 4: Play a Blood Knight with a bonus of +12/+12 which adds to 15/15.

You can watch this video and see how this strategy is played:

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