Hearthstone Guide, Hints and Tricks

hearthstoneThe newest Blizzard game is called “Hearthstone”, with which the game producer tries to get into the free2play market for the first time. It is an online collectible card game in the warcraft universe, but it has nothing to do with the existing collectible card game. The game was developed entirely untypical for Blizzard with a very small developer team. Anyway Blizzard delivers a very high quality with Hearthstone. At the moment the game is still in the beta phase, but more and more Blizzard fans get invited into the beta.

Here are my Hearthstone tips and tricks to make you the beginning a bit easier:

  • In each round you take a card out of your own deck. In each move you can consider to play the card directly or to keep it in your hand. You can hold any card as long as you want in your hand.
  • In each round your magic energy stock increases for one point. In addition your magic energy is refilled at the beginning of your turn.
  • Your own heroes can attack the heroes of your opponent or attack him directly. Each hero can attack once if he has no special abilities to attack more than once. You can see a green frame around each hero which can attack.
  • Heroes just summoned can’t attack untill the next round. You can see a small green “zzz”-symbol on inactive heroes. However inactive heroes can defend themself and deal damage when they get attacked. The effect of a summoned hero occurs immediately after the hero is placed on the playing field.
  • Once you attack an opposing hero you also get damage depending on the attack power of the opponent. This also applies even if the opponent hero gets destroyed during the attack. The remaining life points of the heroes won’t get refilled at the end of the round.
  • There is no fixed order to attack, to summon heroes or to cast spells. All actions can be executed in any order when it’s your turn. Also a mixture of attacking, direct spells and another round of attacking is possible.
  • On the left side of the playing field you can see the history of the last few moves. If you want to analyze a move you can look there.
  • Before a match starts it will be decided who will go first. The player who starts second will get another card and can take a one time energy boost for one point of energy.
  • Before the beginning of the match each player has the possibility to change one or more cards of the starting hand. If you have only expensive cards on your starting hand it’s very useful to exchange these. First you should have cheap cards in your hand which you can play quickly. The expensive cards are very useful later in the game.
  • Each Hero has a hero ability, which can used only once in a turn. To activate the hero ability costs 2 points of energy. So you have to consider carefully if you want to play an expensive card or to use your hero ability.
  • Your hero can also equip a weapon and then attack on their own. Each weapon has a durability value that decreases by one point with each attack. So a weapon gets destroyed after a few attacks. With a weapon you can attack your opponent directly or attack his heroes. If you attack his heroes the attacked hero will also deal his damage to you.
  • In a collectible card game you have to build an effective deck before you play your matches. You should build your deck directly after the tutorial is over. Your chosen character determines which cards can be taken for the deck. There are character specific cards and neutral cards. Neutral cards can be taken by any character. There have to be 30 cards in your deck.
  • The basic cards you always have unlimited in your collection, but you can only add 2 similar cards to your deck.
  • You can build more deck with different strategies and directions. You should give your decks specific names to have a better orientation.
  • New cars for your collection can be obtained by buying booster packages. Each booster package contains 5 random cards. One of the 5 cards is from higher quality. You can buy booster packages either with gold or with real money.
  • Hearthstone is still in beta but Blizzard has no plans to wipe your card collection anymore. So you can buy boosters without the risk of loosing them when the final release gets closer.
  • After the tutorial you one have unlocked the mage as your first character. Through further playing in practice mode you can unlock more characters. Therefore you have to defeat a hero with your existing deck.
  • You can gain further basic cards when your character gains a new level. For each match you get some experience points, even for losses.
  • You can see the level of all your characters on the questlog. The questlog can be reached from the main menu.
  • The cards you gain from booster packages, which are no basic cards, are called professional cards. These can be disenchanted to arcane dust if you don’t need them. You can build new cards with your arcane dust.
  • In games against other players you have only a limited time to complete your turn. So you should know the cards from your deck fairly good so you lose no time to study your cards. It’s also good to know the symbols of the shapes of the heroes. For example heroes with the taunt ability have a shape like a shield.
  • The best way to make gold for new cards is to win games and complete quests. You can have up to three active quests at once.
  • The arena will be unlocked when you have unlocked all characters. To compete in the arena you have to pay 150 gold. For each arena entry you can play up to 9 matches. You can lose up to 3 games till your arena round is over. The more wins you can achieve before you take the third loss the better is the reward.
  • You can communicate with your opponent through the fixed emotes. To activate an emote you have to right-click on your character portrait. There is no real chat window for free communication.
  • The cards have different quality levels: common cards have a white symbol under the artwork, rare cards are marked blue, epic cards are purple and legendary cards are orange.

Stay tuned for more Hearthstone guides to come…

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