Boom Beach Guide, Hints and Tips (iOS)

Boom BeachBoom Beach is the latest game by Supercell, the creators of the Mobile-Hit Clash of Clans. Boom Beach is quite similar to the mega hit by Supercell, but brings many improvements. For example, the surviving troops return to the home island after a battle and can be used for the next battle immediately. In addition, the graphics are well done and the new setting is a nice change for Clash of Clans fans.Boom Beach has very good download numbers in the first few hours after release I think that Boom Beach will be the next big hit from Supercell. Currently only iOS-gamer can download the game but an Android version is already announced.

Here are a couple of Boom Beach hints and tips so you have a good start in Boom Beach:

  • There are three main resources in Boom Beach. The most important is gold. Gold is produced in residence buildings in the home base and is supplied by the free villages. Gold is mainly used for the training of troops to attack other islands. The second major resource is wood. Wood is produced by the sawmill and is mainly used for construction and upgrading of buildings. The third and final resource are diamonds. Diamonds are the premium currency of Boom Beach and can be purchased via the in-game shop. But you will get small amounts of diamonds for free if you complete an achievement and sometimes you can find small treasure chests on the map.
  • You should always upgrade the two buildings for the main resources gold and wood to the maximum possible level before you begin to build the other buildings. The maximum building level depends on the level of your headquarters.
  • At the beginning you have only one building of a type, but later you can build more buildings of the same type. If you raise in level you can also build more residences and get more money from them.
  • There can be only one building constructed or improved at a time. So far, there is no way to circumvent this limit.
  • Each village you rescue from the enemy will bring you additional gold. So you should try to free as much villages as you can.
  • At the beginning you can see just a small part on the world map. The rest is shrouded by clouds and can be made visible for gold. Some parts of the world can only be cleared if your radar have reached a higher level.
  • Before you start an attack you can explore the defences of your opponent. Scouting does not cost you anything, but if you decide to attack you have to pay some gold coins.
  • All troops who survive an attack are returned to your main base. You can use them immediately for the next attack. That is why you should fight as effective as you can so you lose not too much troops in an attack.
  • Your gunship is capable of firing several times at the enemy defence buildings. For each shot some energy is required. If your troops destroy an enemy building you will get some energy back. If you upgrade your gunship to a higher level you will get more energy for shooting.
  • The troops you have on your landing crafts can be replaced by other troops without losing the resources you have paid for them. You only have to pay the surcharge if the new troops are more expensive.
  • Diamonds can be found on the world map in small chests. Try to look from time to time over the whole open world map to find all the treasure chests. You can zoom in and out of the map for a better view.
  • While you are online, you can not be attacked by enemies. However, you will lose this attack protection after some time if you are online for a longer time. This will prevent that some players are online the whole day and that they cannot be attacked in this time.
  • Once the main building is improved to Level 3 you can use flares from your gunship. If you fire a flare to a building all troops in the field heading towards the flare. With the flares you have a better control of what your troops are attacking. Because this is very useful you should upgrade your headquarters to level 3 as soon as possible.
  • Some losses are not avoidable in a battle and you should always restock your units between the battles. The bigger your army, the lower your losses will be. For this reason, it is always best to attack the islands with the lowest levels first.
  • If you place mines in your base you should spread them a bit so they cannot destroyed with one shot from the gunboat.
  • If you lose to many resources to other players you should build a vault. All resources in the vault are save from other players attacks. The vault also protect a small amount of resources which are stored in other buildings. The higher the vault level is, the higher the amount of saved resources.

Here you will find a small table of all available Boom Beach troops:

Rifleman1401201 mModerateMedium30
Heavy100043006 mModerateShort26
Zooka5022204 mSlowLong80
Warrior38038002 mFastMelee180
Tank230081000036 mSlowLong130
Medic5005500010 mModerateShortHealing 25

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